Firethorn has two terrific golf venues. The Championship 18 is open to Full and Championship level members while the Short Course is available to Full and Social (Resort) members. Much of Firethorn's history is built around the Championship course and its exceptional golf experience. A considerable amount of this website is devoted to its tradition.

The Short Course (SC) was created to provide a fun and relaxing environment for those that may just be learning the game. The SC is available to younger age kids and women that are starting to enjoy golf. Make no mistake, though, if you're a good golfer and want to venture to the back of each tee box on the SC, you're in for a test.

The Firethorn Women's Golf Association (FWGA) has a long history of supporting women's events at Firethorn. To be a part of this special organization - sign-up by filling out the FWGA registration form and returning it per the instructions contained therein.

CLICK HERE for the FWGA Registration Form

Also, if you're interested in improving your game, Firethorn has one of the best players in the State (Steve Friesen was just recognized as the 2018 Assistant Professional Player of the Year) now on staff, giving lessons and providing club fittings. Learn more about Steve Friesen and our terrific practice facilities.

*Check out our programming/schedule for Pee Wee Golf (Ages 5-7)
*Check out our programming/schedule for Junior Golf (Ages 7-13)
*Check out our programming/schedule for Team Golf (Ages 7-13)**
Check out our programming/schedule for Advanced Development Golf (Ages 13-17)

*After you've registered, please e-mail Steve ( to select your preferred class time.

**If you've registered for Team Golf, you are automatically registered to be a part of Junior Golf at no additional cost


Team Golf Results:
June 13, 2019 - Standings and Press Release

June 20, 2018 - Standings and Press Release

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