Firethorn Golf Club Nanny Registration

I, the undersigned, authorize the person designated below to act as my nanny representative. I acknowledge my nanny has charging privileges at all Club facilities while acting as my nanny. One active nanny is allowed per membership. My nanny understands they are not a member of Firethorn Golf Club and, when acting as my nanny, they are at the Club to monitor my child/children and ensure their safety. I acknowledge I have read the document entitled “Firethorn Golf Club Policies” (herein after the “Club’s rules”) (specifically,the “Club Nanny Policy” section) and agree to abide by all of the Club’s rules. I will inform my nanny of the Club’s rules and provide them a copy. At my direction, my nanny will abide by all Club rules. I also acknowledge that while acting in the capacity as my nanny the person designated below will be at Firethorn only when I, or my spouse, are unable to be with my child/children. Also, when I, or my spouse, are at the Club at the same time as my nanny, the nanny will be deemed a guest and, where applicable, normal guest fees will apply.
Please update the Club if there are any changes to the nanny representative on file – a new Nanny Designation Form is required to be completed.

Nanny Registration Form

By entering your name, you verify the above information is correct, and understand and agree to the stated policies.
If you would like to fill out a paper copy and bring to the Resort, you can find the form here.