2-Man Tournament

Congratulations to Michael Lucchino and Billy Gist for winning the inaugural 2-Man Tournament. Finishing in the Place position was Kenny German and Frank Espinosa. Seth Brown and Darren Hoffart were third.


September Men's Stag

1st Place- Devon Wegner, Tim McEwen, Jon Deines, and Aaron Stockton. +9
2nd Place- Steve Taylor, Lloyd Williams, Bryson Woods, and Clint Farrah. +19
3rd Place- Jake Bliven, Bill Lien, Chad Shirk, and Scott Meints. +21
1st Place- Mike Leising, Seth Brown, Darren Hoffart, and Trevor Knuth. +3
2nd Place- Bob Brandt, Mike Sullivan, Don Ferguson, and Bob Hallstrom. +5
3rd Place- Brian McHugh, Jeremy McHugh, Greg Mealy, Mike Bamburg. +7
The format was high ball/low ball - the best score and worst score on each hole.

2018 Men's Team Championship

Win: Rich McLaughlin/Dave Cory
Place: Greg Frayser/Jordan Kreifels
Show: Larry Irvine/Dave Bingham

August Men's Stag

1st: Taylor Price, Dustin Bauer, Tyler Denker, and Grant Buckley. +18 (quota) - Won in a scorecard playoff
2nd: Devon Wegner, Taylor Steger, Kade Mohrman, and Dana Svehla. +18
3rd: Darin Baehr, Adam Randall, Walker Zulkoski, and Jared Bemis. +17

2018 Quest

Win: Austin Zimmerman and guest (and father) Chuck Zimmerman
Place: Mark Lewis and guest Matt Glenn
Show: Scott Burklund and guest Matt Reiling

4th of July Firecracker Classic

1st: Scott Tridle, Pat Tryon, Kevin Bryson, and Thomas Bryson. Even par
2nd: Darin Baehr, Michael Southwick, Jeff Sass, and Chad Jurgens. Even par
3rd: Brady Bauer, Trent Price, Jim Dawson, Chip Healey. Even par
1st: Michael Lucchino, Pat Heiser, Trevor Knuth, Derek Lyman -16
2nd: Kenny German, Lee Aschoff, Jamie Jordening, Austin Kuta -15
3rd: Earl Haddow, Roger Massey, Jeff Wessel, Bob Klopnieski -14
Short Course:
1st Place: Achim Griesel, John Geist, Lee Hetrick, Rob Rhodes