You’ve always heard about the ABC’s…. Here’s two real life stories….

Story #1
Homeowner A was on an evening walk Wednesday, March 18, 2020, with his wife around the Short Course. When they made the turn on hole #5 they noticed an awful smell. The smell was coming from a course garbage can that had been filled full with dog poop bags. Perhaps a dozen or more. This waste appears to be from a larger dog but it certainly could be from multiple dog walkers.

Homeowner A went home, got in his cart and drove to the garbage can, carried it to his home and dumped the contents into his own garbage, cleaned the trash can and returned it to its proper location.

Homeowner B is a person or a group of people that have kindly remembered to always collect their animal's droppings. They have, however, failed to complete the process of returning the waste to their home. This practice can create an unpleasant experience for our golf members.

Story #2
Homeowner C – in a completely unrelated event, emailed me that their kids had damaged a golf course tree near their home. They wanted to build a fort. Homeowner C apologized and said their kids would be by soon to personally apologize and they would pay the costs to replace the tree if Firethorn deemed it necessary.

Homeowners A & C are typical of the vast majority of our residents. I know who Homeowners A & C are and want to say THANK YOU for all you do to keep Firethorn the special place it is. Over the years, there are countless examples of the terrific community we've become due to residents that care and I can’t THANK YOU enough for your continued support.

I don’t know the identity (or identities) of Homeowner B. Homeowner B, unfortunately, is an example of a small minority that threatens everyone's access to the cart paths on the course. The golf course is private property. I don’t want to close the golf course to resident walkers but, if necessary to ensure a good experience for our members, I will do so. Please refer to our Homeowner Rules and Guidelines (below). The guidelines state, in part: "Please do NOT place the droppings in the on-course garbage containers." Bottom line: Plastic bags full of dog waste should always be carried to your home and disposed of there!

Final Comment: For safety reasons, once golfers are encountered, walkers MUST exit the course!

Mark Wible, Manager

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With all the new development within Firethorn's community, many of our new neighbors have asked for guidelines for homeowners when interacting with the Club and golf course property. The Club's Rules & Guidelines-Policies-Waiver form are posted here.